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The Forgotten Godwar Circuit Abu-Road

Godwar Circuit-Mount Abu-Sirohi-Pali-Jalore
Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan, close to the Gujarat border. This lies at the southern extremity of the Aravalli range & pilgrimage center.

Places to See

Nakki Lake

Do you that nowhere else in India, except in the, Himalayas dose a lake exit 1200 mtrs above sea level. This lake in the heart of the town gets its name from the legend that it was scooped out by the Gods with their finger nails or nakh.

Delwara Jain Temples

These remarkable Jain Temples built between the 11 th & 13 th centuries are the Mt. Abu’s main attraction. One of the finest finest exemples of the architecture, the art of of carving marble has reached unsurpassed heights.

Gaumukh Temple

A natural spring flowing through a sculputed cow’s head gives the shrine its name.

Guru Shikar

Guru Shikar is the highest peak on the Mount & Rajasthan at an altitude of 1722 mtrs. The peak allows a bird’s eye view of the sylvan surroundings of Mt.Abu. Besides small shaivite shrine ‘Shikhar’ there is a temple of Dattatreya.

Travel Information

  • Mount Abu 29 km.
  • Udaipur 165 km – nearest airport via Sanderao,Ranakpur.
  • Ahmedabad 200 km. via Palanpur.
  • Jodhpur 300 km via Sirohi,Pali.
  • Jaisalmer 585 km. Sirohi,Pali , Jodhpur.
  • Jaipur 500 km via Sirohi,Pali, Ajmer.
  • Delhi 750 km. via Sirohi,Pali, Ajmer,Jaipur.
  • Mumbai 750 km. via Palanpur, Ahmedabad
  • Some important train are: Ashram express, Ahemdabad Mail, Surya Nagari Express, Jaipur Bandra Express.